Sungrow Inverter Adelaide

Choose a reliable solar inverter for your home

Sungrow is a leader in photovoltaic (PV) inverter solutions for residential and commercial uses. With an interest in research and development, Sungrow has participated in 20 national key science and technology programs, drafted national standards and successfully won multiple industry awards in China and Asia.

Why trust Sungrow inverters for your home?

  • Reliable and well supported products with Australian warranty
  • More affordable energy storage than Tesla Powerwall (when paired with Sungrow batteries)
  • Well-regarded by Australian solar installers 
  • Easy platform to monitor energy consumption and production

  • Michael, SA

    The inverter is mounted undercover on an outside wall above the battery and is quite attractive to look at. The APP has a few quirks but once you have played with it a while it gives you the information and system control you need.

    Michael, SA

  • Leanne, NSW

    I choose to go with Sungrow after doing more than a month of extensive research. It has been on the Australian market for many years, so it’s more reliable and more likely to honour the warranty. I like its sleek looking design, great performance, and easy to use app! This brand gives me best value for money.

    Leanne, NSW

  • Gregory, ACT

    The inverter is running well, peak production hits around 7.98kw in sunny conditions on a hot day. Consumption monitoring is definitely worth it and appears to be pretty accurate!

    Gregory, ACT

  • Geoff, NSW

    I’ve had my Sungrow 8kW inverter 18 months prior to installing the battery, it’s performed perfectly with no faults at all. I do baby it as I do with my whole system, it's installed on the afternoon sun (hot) side of the house, so I’ve added a small shade and a USB fan as I noticed its internal temperature was ‘getting up there’ on a hot day. Sungrow also has great data which I download each week and populate into a number of spreadsheets to make sure all is working correctly.

    Geoff, NSW

  • Daniel, NSW

    The inverter is 5KW three phase with 7.5KW of panels. While this does mean a lot of clipping takes place on clear sunny summer days on the days it rains and is overcast my home is still producing good levels of energy and covers our needs during sunlight hours.

    Daniel, NSW


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