SolarEdge Inverter Adelaide

Choose a reliable solar inverter for your home

SolarEdge’s vision is to improve solar energy production and consumption across a wide range of applications and industries. With more than 140 systems installed worldwide, SolarEdge supports a global network of 47000+ installers with offices in 34 countries, including Australia.

Why trust SolarEdge inverters for your home?

  • SolarEdge systems are installed in over 140 countries around the world
  • Focus on sustainability and quality units
  • Warranty support with approved installers
  • Simple to understand app to monitor energy production and consumption
  • Designed for home and commercial use

  • Tessa, NSW

    Seems much smaller than other ones I saw and my son installed an app that allows me to see what time the sun starts to produce power. Amazing really. When Patrick was going through the installation, he showed me his installer app on his phone that allows him to monitor all his jobs and how each properties panels are performing, allowing him to contact the owner and arrange a panel replacement under warranty!

    Tessa, NSW

  • Judith, ACT

    No problems since installation in March 2022. Performing well with good data from the App.

    Judith, ACT

  • Shane, VIC

    The mySolarEdge App is great - easy to understand and show friends. Nice extra feature is the ability to drill down to each panel to see how North vs West panels are producing over the day, or the month/year.

    Shane, VIC

  • Andrew, NSW

    The solar edge inverter system was a perfect choice for my roof. And it has delivered!! The solar edge app has made it very simple to see my consumption and production of solar. I didn’t realise how much ”free energy” I was missing out on before I had solar. Helping me schedule my day for high draining devices, such as aircon and oven.

    Andrew, NSW

  • Simon, WA

    Easy to add a SolarEdge battery later on. Works really well but not sure if I can add a Tesla battery which would be my preferred option. The Solar Edge app is superb, I can see exactly how the system is performing daily whereas my friends without the SE inverter can't do that as easily.

    Simon, WA


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