Solar Panels Adelaide

Abundant sunshine and local solar energy expertise makes South Australia the perfect place to invest in solar panels.


Adelaide gets an average of seven hours of sunshine each day, except during the winter months. Even then, there’s more than enough sun to generate renewable energy.

With rising energy costs, sunshine on tap and low interest finance available, there has never been a better time to invest in a solar battery storage solution for your home.

How installing solar panels can help you save money

When you switch to solar, you can save on your electricity bill with feed-in tariffs (FiTs). These are payments from energy companies to owners of solar systems. Money is traded for energy when a homeowners solar system produces excess energy and feeds power into the grid for other people to use.

There are multiple other benefits of installing solar panels too, including:


How do I choose a good solar panel installer?

It pays to do your research when it comes to solar panel installers, since solar energy is a long-term investment.

A good solar panel installer should be able to:

  • Take the time to explain what you need to know before installing your solar panels
  • Show that they’re an accredited installer
  • Share their recommendations on quality solar panel manufacturers so that you’re keep saving with solar for years
  • Have a good reputation and history, so check their customer reviews!

There is a lot to consider, so if you’re still unsure, reach out to us at Exceed Solar and we can help you out. We are committed to upholding best practice standards in the solar industry, and will only try to sell you a solar system if it’s the right fit for your home and lifestyle.



Our Recommendations for Solar Panels and Inverters

At Exceed Solar, these are the brands of solar panels and inverters that we recommend and install.


Recommended Inverter Brands


Solar Panel Size

Average Price

Suitable for

5kW$4820A 2-bedroom home with less than 4 occupants
6.6kW$5510A 3-bedroom home with less than 5 occupants
10kW$9570A 4-bedroom+ home with more than 6 occupants
15kW$14355A 5+ bedroom home with more than 7 occupants

Ready to switch to solar?

We are Adelaide’s solar experts with the convenience of having all the specialist expertise under one roof, leaving nothing for you to worry about. With more than 500 installations done, we have received lots of compliments from customers happy about our price, service and products.