More Energy Savings with Amber SmartShift

If you’re a South Australian homeowner who has a solar battery, we’ve got an exciting announcement for you.


Amber SmartShift is here to help you charge your solar battery when it’s the cheapest, and sell your power back to the grid when it’s most valuable.

You save money, help the planet, and your battery feels like the star of the show.

What is Amber SmartShift?

Imagine your home battery thinking for itself. Amber SmartShift does just that.

Move over virtual power plants, this is like a superhero for your solar battery, maximizing savings and minimising stress all for a small monthly subscription fee. Meaning 100% of the upside of exporting to the grid goes directly into the pockets of the homeowner!

SmartShift analyzes your energy use, solar generation, and even wholesale prices.

No more confusing peak periods or battery guesswork. SmartShift handles it all, quietly optimising your energy use in the background. It's like having a tiny, tireless energy guru living inside your meter box.

Let Amber SmartShift be your battery's brainiac. Your wallet and the planet will thank you.

How can Amber SmartShift help you get more out of your solar battery?

Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) are intended to be a way for households to derive more benefits from their solar panel PV and battery systems and drive down their energy costs even further.

They optimise home batteries to export to the grid when demand is peaking.

But it's acknowledged that traditional VPPs aren't yet optimised to provide maximum benefits to battery owners, and therefore uptake has been slow. Plus, depending on which VPP provider you’re with, the value being generated by your battery is often going to one of the big coal and gas companies. 

Amber SmartShift offers these key differences from other VPPs if you automate your battery with it:

  • It is the only VPP that passes on the full financial upside of exporting your energy into the wholesale electricity market, rather than taking a cut of the value you generate like most VPP providers. Our only margin is our $19 subscription fee
  • SmartShift also offers the most control of any battery optimisation technology, with charge, discharge, and preserve battery mode - as well as the ability to switch SmartShift off completely
  • Most VPPs trigger events that are fleet wide, but SmartShift triggers events at an individual site level. It’s focused on savings for each individual site, so it's making customised decisions for each household - not the fleet.
In summary, when you compare SmartShift with VPPs out there, you'll find you can:
  • Maximise the value of your battery. Earn more with Amber because you get the full upside of your exports going into the wholesale market (vs other VPPs who take a cut in return for adding fixed credits to your bill).
  • Stay in control. You choose when you charge and discharge your battery and can turn optimisations on and off at any time. Plus, there's no lock-in period.
  • Use your battery to help accelerate the renewables transition & displace fossil fuels

How South Australian homeowners can save on energy bills with Amber SmartShift

Adelaide receives a LOT of sun throughout the year making it one of the sunniest capitals in Australia, with seven hours of sunshine, on average, every day, except for the winter months.

The best months for solar production are November, December, January and February, all of which should produce over 7 sun hours on average with an optimally installed solar system.

The bottom line is that, for between nine and 10 months of the year, Adelaide basks in sun.

By using Amber SmartShift, you could lower your electricity bills and sell excess energy back to the grid at the best prices, earning you more money!

Right now, when you join Amber SmartShift, you’ll get a rebate on your solar battery, plus a $30 credit on your first bill. Use the code EXCEED when you sign up with us.

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Our customers enjoy the convenience of having all the specialist expertise under one roof: sales, system design, installation, qualified electricians who sign off on the system, grid connection and maintenance.


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