Choose the right solar installer
for your off-grid solution.

But how do you know if this solution right for your home?

The answer is you don’t – but we probably do.

The decision to invest in a standalone solar system can be daunting and involves a large financial outlay. We are talking solar inverters, a battery bank, solar PV panels and a lot of grunt work and know how to ensure the system is robust enough to last (and not leave you in the dark).

Adelaide, South Australia is a great city to investigate going off grid.

Our sunshine hours are up there with the best in the world, our solar industry is mature, the tech is strong and there is a plethora of talented electricians & tradesmen out there that can make your off grid dream happen. But – too often we hear the story of a homeowner doing the maths & planning themselves and failing to account for some key factors that can leave you in the lurch.


That’s why Exceed Solar Adelaide are here.

We manage all that leg work for you to assess whether the solution is right for your specific situation. We will also have the confidence and integrity to tell you if the plan is viable. After all we are here to find the right solar solution for your home, not the most expensive solution that lines our pockets.

Going off grid is all about quality solar products.

So, just think it through. Going off grid means you don’t pull power from the usual sources. This is great right. Power is free. But the other side of the coin means any errors or issues result in no power to your home!

So let’s make sure we get it right and go with quality products from reputable suppliers. This means things won’t break down and if they do there is a network and warrantees there to get things fixed quick.

Well, what’s next you ask?

It’s simple. Complete this short quote request form and we will then be in touch to determine the right solution. If it works for you, and for us there is a simple quote for you to accept and then we manage the rest. Meaning all you have to do is enjoy the fact the you have made the right decision for you home (and have saved thousands of hours researching and stressing.)

And, look. If you prefer phone calls we do too. Just give us a call on 1300 039 233 and we will talk you through everything you need to know.