Jinko Solar Panels Adelaide

Choose a reliable solar panel supplier for your home.

Jinko Solar is one of the largest solar manufacturers in the world. They offer world class solar products with a good track record, demonstrating their commitment to customers. Jinko solar panels have excellent performance in low light conditions (e.g. dusk or cloudy days), ensuring that you can make money when you switch to solar.

Why trust Jinko solar panels for your home?

  • Jinko invests heavily into R&D to make the best photovoltaic (PV) panels
  • World class solar panels with an unblemished quality record
  • Unconditional commitment to customers for the entire 25 year lifespan of their solar projects
  • Ideal of all types of properties - residential and commercial
  • Strong Australian presence

  • Klaas, QLD

    Efficiency estimaste for half North and Half West oriented panels was 80%. I had sofar a maximum output of 7.8 kW from 9kW panels, which indicates to 86 %.

    Klaas, QLD

  • Louise, VIC

    Again, so far the panels are doing what they should. They look like panels, they behave like panels and they are working with the inverter to convert sun to power. So much to love about this!

    Louise, VIC

  • Pavel, QLD

    The performance is quite good so far. Even though it is past the equinox, I often have 5+ kw during the day. A typical output (11/04/2024): 31.7 kWh produced, 13.9 kWh consumed.

    Pavel, QLD

  • Michael, SA

    Panels are rated at 10.3KW and they are producing up to 13KW in bright sunlight according to the SUNGOW inverter APP. Of note is the performance on overcast days with 4-6kw still being produced when there is cloud cover. It will be interesting to see how they perform going in to winter when there is less sunlight.

    Michael, SA

  • Daniel, NSW

    These panels compared to my 2014 panels: Jinko: 7.5KW (north and east facing) Old panel: 6kw (west facing) While a 25% difference in size the jinko panels regularly deliver 40-50% more power over the day.

    Daniel, NSW


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