Fronius Inverter Adelaide

Choose a reliable solar inverter for your home

Fronius is a family-owned business known for their innovative products, solutions and digital tools for solar inverters for 30 years. Their inverters are designed for high performance optimised to draw maximum energy from solar panels, even in partial shade or over multiple roofs.

Why trust Fronius inverters for your home?

  • Excellent local support and warranty, with support from trained Fronius System partners 
  • High quality energy efficient products tested for weather extremes (humidity, ice, salt and dirt)
  • One of the earliest solar pioneers in Europe
  • Designed for home and commercial use

  • Helen, QLD

    The Fronius Primo GEN24 6.0-1 inverter works seamlessly with the Fronius smart meter, switching to battery backup when mains power goes out - as it does frequently in Far North Queensland. Power is cut for about 30 seconds and then resumes from the battery. I have highly rated energy-saving appliances so I asked for all power circuits to be available on backup. I am careful to monitor how much current I am drawing and this has never been a problem.

    Helen, QLD

  • Bruce, VIC

    So far it's going great. App is easy to use.

    Bruce, VIC

  • Joseph, WA

    The inverter has worked very well - and it's battery ready.

    Joseph, WA

  • Samuel, SA

    Fronius is efficient and quiet, great app to track power import and export

    Samuel, SA

  • David, QLD

    The Inverter has been performing very well. With the addition of the Fronius smart meter, the inverter unit has been extremely helpfull with regards to the monitoring of our system and household power load.

    David, QLD


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