Experience the convenience and reliability of a residential ev charging station.

Are you an electric vehicle owner?

Save time and money when you charge your electric vehicle from the convenience of your home.

At Exceed Solar we only carry the most up-to-date and high-quality home charging stations for residential use.

Call us today for a quote or to have one of our team members help you select the right ev home charger for your specific needs and vehicle. We believe in quality, and that is why we only carry premium charging stations. So, when Exceed Solar installs your charging station, you can have confidence that it will last.

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There are many reasons to use electric car charging stations at home.

  • Save money when charging during off-peak hours
  • Save time and charge as you sleep
  • Charge for free using your solar panels

If you need replacement parts, contact us for premium adapters and cables.

With the recent government rebates and a push for cleaner vehicles, electric cars are on the rise in Adelaide. More electric cars on the streets means longer queues at local charging stations. It can take over 45 minutes to charge some cars, so let us install a premium home charging station for you and skip the queues.

We install ev home stations in Adelaide and the surrounding suburbs, the Adelaide Hills region and along the western coastline and south of Adelaide in Noarlunga.