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We specialise in the end-to-end process of making your home solar powered - So all you have to worry about is counting the savings on your energy bill.


We manage your solar journey.

Exceed Solar Adelaide brings businesses and homeowners along on an end-to-end solar journey. Covering solar panels, batteries, inverters & leading tech. Rest assured, we’ll be with you from your solar panel installation, until your home, or business is properly connected to the grid.

No subcontractors here!

Getting started with solar in Adelaide has never been easier. Learn about the process.



We manage your solar journey.

Exceed Solar brings Adelaide businesses and homeowners along on an end-to-end solar journey. Rest assured, we’ll be with you from installation until your home, or business, is properly connected to the grid.



Remember how reassuring human-to-human contact was, once upon a time?

Well, we’ve brought it back so you’ll hear the voice of one of Exceed Solar’s specialist consultants as they explain our process, so you understand the steps of solar installation from start to finish.



Let us know a couple details about your home and we'll come back with a full quote, and solar plan just for you! No obligation, just honest advice to help you become a Solar lover.



  • Klaas, QLD

    Efficiency estimaste for half North and Half West oriented panels was 80%. I had sofar a maximum output of 7.8 kW from 9kW panels, which indicates to 86 %.

    Klaas, QLD
  • Louise, VIC

    Again, so far the panels are doing what they should. They look like panels, they behave like panels and they are working with the inverter to convert sun to power. So much to love about this!

    Louise, VIC
  • Pavel, QLD

    The performance is quite good so far. Even though it is past the equinox, I often have 5+ kw during the day. A typical output (11/04/2024): 31.7 kWh produced, 13.9 kWh consumed.

    Pavel, QLD
  • Michael, SA

    Panels are rated at 10.3KW and they are producing up to 13KW in bright sunlight according to the SUNGOW inverter APP. Of note is the performance on overcast days with 4-6kw still being produced when there is cloud cover. It will be interesting to see how they perform going in to winter when there is less sunlight.

    Michael, SA
  • Daniel, NSW

    These panels compared to my 2014 panels: Jinko: 7.5KW (north and east facing) Old panel: 6kw (west facing) While a 25% difference in size the jinko panels regularly deliver 40-50% more power over the day.

    Daniel, NSW
  • Tessa, NSW

    Seems much smaller than other ones I saw and my son installed an app that allows me to see what time the sun starts to produce power. Amazing really. When Patrick was going through the installation, he showed me his installer app on his phone that allows him to monitor all his jobs and how each properties panels are performing, allowing him to contact the owner and arrange a panel replacement under warranty!

    Tessa, NSW
  • Judith, ACT

    No problems since installation in March 2022. Performing well with good data from the App.

    Judith, ACT
  • Shane, VIC

    The mySolarEdge App is great - easy to understand and show friends. Nice extra feature is the ability to drill down to each panel to see how North vs West panels are producing over the day, or the month/year.

    Shane, VIC
  • Andrew, NSW

    The solar edge inverter system was a perfect choice for my roof. And it has delivered!! The solar edge app has made it very simple to see my consumption and production of solar. I didn’t realise how much ”free energy” I was missing out on before I had solar. Helping me schedule my day for high draining devices, such as aircon and oven.

    Andrew, NSW
  • Simon, WA

    Easy to add a SolarEdge battery later on. Works really well but not sure if I can add a Tesla battery which would be my preferred option. The Solar Edge app is superb, I can see exactly how the system is performing daily whereas my friends without the SE inverter can't do that as easily.

    Simon, WA
  • Helen, QLD

    The Fronius Primo GEN24 6.0-1 inverter works seamlessly with the Fronius smart meter, switching to battery backup when mains power goes out - as it does frequently in Far North Queensland. Power is cut for about 30 seconds and then resumes from the battery. I have highly rated energy-saving appliances so I asked for all power circuits to be available on backup. I am careful to monitor how much current I am drawing and this has never been a problem.

    Helen, QLD
  • Bruce, VIC

    So far it's going great. App is easy to use.

    Bruce, VIC
  • Joseph, WA

    The inverter has worked very well - and it's battery ready.

    Joseph, WA
  • Samuel, SA

    Fronius is efficient and quiet, great app to track power import and export

    Samuel, SA
  • David, QLD

    The Inverter has been performing very well. With the addition of the Fronius smart meter, the inverter unit has been extremely helpfull with regards to the monitoring of our system and household power load.

    David, QLD
  • Michael, SA

    The inverter is mounted undercover on an outside wall above the battery and is quite attractive to look at. The APP has a few quirks but once you have played with it a while it gives you the information and system control you need.

    Michael, SA
  • Leanne, NSW

    I choose to go with Sungrow after doing more than a month of extensive research. It has been on the Australian market for many years, so it’s more reliable and more likely to honour the warranty. I like its sleek looking design, great performance, and easy to use app! This brand gives me best value for money.

    Leanne, NSW
  • Gregory, ACT

    The inverter is running well, peak production hits around 7.98kw in sunny conditions on a hot day. Consumption monitoring is definitely worth it and appears to be pretty accurate!

    Gregory, ACT
  • Geoff, NSW

    I’ve had my Sungrow 8kW inverter 18 months prior to installing the battery, it’s performed perfectly with no faults at all. I do baby it as I do with my whole system, it's installed on the afternoon sun (hot) side of the house, so I’ve added a small shade and a USB fan as I noticed its internal temperature was ‘getting up there’ on a hot day. Sungrow also has great data which I download each week and populate into a number of spreadsheets to make sure all is working correctly.

    Geoff, NSW
  • Daniel, NSW

    The inverter is 5KW three phase with 7.5KW of panels. While this does mean a lot of clipping takes place on clear sunny summer days on the days it rains and is overcast my home is still producing good levels of energy and covers our needs during sunlight hours.

    Daniel, NSW
  • Beverley
    From the day I met Corey, he explained everything. He kept in contact with me and replied ASAP when I needed to ask a question. The day the team came and installed was liking having a happy family group around. All were friendly, explained what was going on and cleaned up after they were done. Corey organised all connections, I didn't have to do anything but let them work. I would really recommend them and I'm very proud I went with Exceed Solar. From a woman's point of view, I felt like they really listened to me, which was fantastic. Great work, great team.
  • James
    Corey and the installation team provided options, open & honest advice, was expedient and tidy with installation & support. Would recommend highly if you're looking for an installer.
  • Clive
    Smooth process from start to finish. Corey really knows his business. Answered all questions in layman's terms and didn't try and baffle you with all the technical jargon. This is a company that doesn't beat around the bush.
  • Geoff
    Fast and friendly service. The system is fitted very neatly. They cleaned up and took all packaging with them. From start to finish they had good communication with me. All up very happy.
  • Janice and Mark
    Great customer service. Corey provided one on one discussions. Answered all of our queries. Price was very reasonable compared to others. The installation crew were quick, friendly and cleaned up after themselves. Highly recommend these guys. Satisfaction guaranteed. Inverter warranty with Exceed Solar is double that of any others. Corey came back once the smart meter was installed and explained everything. Showed us how to access the reading of the meter via our computer. Very happy.
    Janice and Mark

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UP TO $4000

South Australian households and small businesses that install a small scale renewable energy system may be able to receive a benefit under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme. Discover the rebates here.

Now is the best time to buy solar panels in Adelaide.

TO $4000

South Australian households and small businesses that install a small scale renewable energy system may be able to receive a benefit under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme.